Transcending Limitation and Embracing Wholeness – A Healer’s Journey
by Forrest Green

About 24 years ago, I was going through a rough time emotionally while in the midst of a dissolving marriage. Although I sought professional assistance prior to the breakup, clarity for ending the relationship had come at a mental level only. A few months after becoming single, I realized my emotional body had not caught up with this mental decision. I had hit bottom, was distraught and depressed and could not gain my balance.

Even though I would feel OK and high sometimes, I kept spiraling down in a whirlpool. I was in need of help so connected with a counselor to help process the emotional impact of the breakup. With daily journaling and reviewing my life history, I discovered this disposition for mood swings had been with me most of my adult life. I pushed the highs and sunk with the lows, seemingly beyond my control. At that point I was offered medication. This, to me, didn’t feel right. An inner voice said, “There is nothing wrong, you are more deeply learning about yourself. See this as part of your perfection.” Yes, I was created just right.

Rather than going the medication route, I chose to see this as a part of my wholeness, a gift of emotional sensitivity and to integrate it as such by being gentle with myself when not feeling upbeat. In this way, I released being a victim of my moods and moved into mastering the art of sensitivity and my internal biochemistry by honoring and allowing for what I feel. I’ve also come to know feelings are, for me, a pathway for connecting deeply with Spirit.

About a year after this discovery, I was in Peru, traveling for three and a half weeks with two men from my Vermont men’s group. Our journey took us to Machu Pichu and a specially arranged overnight with a Peruvian Shaman within the walls of this ancient city. As we entered this silent city under a dark starlit sky, the Shaman had each of us lie on a triangular stone slab near the gateway.

We were told this was an echo of the crystal mountain looming large across the valley, over which a double rainbow had appeared earlier in the day. When my turn on the slab came it was as if a quarter was dropped into the slot of a “magic fingers” bed. Not only did I sense the stone vibrating, I became surrounded in a quadraphonic OM like hum pulsing all around and through me.

Upon arising and sharing my experience, thinking this was what the others experienced as well, I was surprised to have been the only one having such. Although it took a couple of months to process the experience, I came to understand this as a deep Earth initiation. I realized I had become fully grounded into my own body, while having done this by blending with the core heartbeat of the living Earth Mother Gaia.

My Machu Pichu initiation proved a big boost for my eventual move into energy healing, as I then began connecting deeply with nature and spirit through personal and planetary healing. Perelandra and the Nature Spirit work of Michael Small Wright, Christan Hummel’s Earth Transitions and Marko Pognacnik’s Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings and Healing the Heart of the Earth are major influences on this path.

An example of this work is when I was asked in June of 2006, to facilitate a planning process for a community mental health group in El Paso Texas. The facilitation went well, yet there was another agenda unfolding. This involved taking a few extra days to cross the border into New Mexico.

There, I was intuitively called to do what became a four-day planetary healing surrounding White Sands, the beautiful, 275 square mile expanse of gypsum dunes that also happens to be a missile testing range and near the 1945 Trinity atomic bomb test site. The process involved creating an upwardly spiraling column of healing light within the dunes with supportive vectors of light extending to other parts of the world and other previously established healing light columns including Mt. Shasta, Hawaii, Bimini, Wales and Asheville.

]The over lighting Deva, or spirit of White Sands, appeared to me with a burned or singed face. This, a seemingly natural outcome of having an atomic bomb set off in her backyard, did not deter her from unreservedly fulfilling her role of holding order and balance. Through many instances of doing planetary healing work, I’ve discovered where humans have created imbalance and discord from indifference to the oneness of all life humans must initiate this type of healing.

I’ve learned through experience, such planetary healing efforts facilitate the needed reconciliation and co-creative reconnection between the human realm and nature. This work has also shifted my electrical and nervous system to allow for handling higher vibratory frequencies of inter-dimensional communication, a capacity now brought into my healing work with people.  

Much of my life I’ve bridged traditional realms with the metaphysical/spiritual.

Although, most of my professional life has been in the traditional world of children’s mental health, traveling and consulting nationwide, at a personal and somewhat private level, I have been incorporating the energetics of Spirit all along. Now, I do so openly.

Now, through energy healing, I’ve accessed the privilege of seeing people’s true Soul essence, a fulfilling state of perfection, wholeness and completeness. Observing the release of pain and frustration created by separation and disconnection, and opening pathways of return to the natural state of wholeness, is a true reward. In facilitating this process, I too am given the gift of moving more deeply into my own wholeness.

Increasingly, my daily agenda is created from a Soul-based cooperative and co-creative relationship with Spirit. Coming into my own wholeness is an ongoing process and every step provides lessons I am continuing to take in and utilize as this journey continues.

Forrest Green is founder of SOUL SOURCE, an avenue for personal/spiritual counseling and energy facilitation. He is a heart based, Spirit inspired improvisational musician and works in a Nature/Spirit co-creative and wholeness context. Information on SOUL SOURCE and Forrest can be obtained at or by calling (828) 252-1298.