“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms
of energy, frequency and vibration.”
– Nikola Tesla

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Recorded in A 432Hz & 528Hz
Universal/Heart aligned tunings





Crystal BeingAllow yourself to be swept away, carried gently into these Vistas of the SOUL, coming into
Universal Harmony and Alignment as your own SOULSCAPE emerges.
Multiple journeys uniquely reflecting the Soul’s deep, powerful, sensitive and passionate qualities.
Masterfully created and exquisitely reflected from subtle simplicity to symphonic grandeur.
Stunning and moving. Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizer
Music Recorded in A 432Hz tuning – Universally aligned with Nature, Sacred Geometry and the Heart Chakra

432hzvs440hzwater_resistance2010LISTENER REVIEWS
My first reaction was a feeling of universal “love”. ….the music resonates with every fiber of
my being allowing me to soar and fly with great joy…I am deeply moved. It contains so much
it is almost hard to describe…..very complex with ups and downs, highs and lows.
Crescendos and then quiet … spaces …
The Music has left me speechless to say the least…….

AB – NB, Canada

So awesome!  I just listened to it and again I could feel myself floating higher and higher. As I float up to and
through the stars I feel totally supported and loved! 
My heart feels like it wants to burst! Then, I can feel the
Light of the Sun Magnet as I keep floating higher and higher and closer and closer. Amazing!
(Tonight I heard the Angels speak to me as I was meditating to the music and it was most beautiful!)
Thank you! 
You are a true blessing to me and a most gifted composer and musician!  Thank you for sharing!
Thank you also for the notes from my session. You are greatly appreciated for all that you are and do!
Mary P. – Herbalist/Healer – Pittsburgh, PAMusic & DNAThank you so much for the beautiful healing music. Something quite remarkable is happening with your music!!
When I listened I saw beautiful swirls of bright purple and soft gold.  I felt and recognized the vibration and
cold I feel when healing is taking place on a cellular level. I also saw distant, free-floating images.
One was a clear hour-glass made in an interior design in layers of tiny triangles in movement like the
snow in a snow globe. 
I felt and saw a pulsing, like a breathing, of the purple light which brought a
lifting elevating feeling. Ecstatic – out of state.  Felt a lot of joy and cosmic laughter. Felt easy release of pain
which seemed I’ve not known, seemed old as if from another time.  Celestial singing.
The tones seemed linguistic. 
Wow!! Thank you so much.
Mary Ann H. – Therapist – Cape Cod, MA

Your JOURNEYS in the KEY of SOUL album is outstanding. I have been working with the album for four days.
I am finding that the more I listen to the music my old issues within the body are experiencing a
new form of healing.  Past life issues as well as in this lifetime are being cleared within the
deep cellular memories and within the tissue membrane. The chakra system is also
clearing as the musical notes vibrate within them.  It is a physical phenomenon that I have
never before experienced. Thank You for allowing your Divine Soul to bring forth
clarity and healing for those of us wishing to clear and heal.

BLM – Medical IntuitiveMusic of the Soul

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