Opening to & Integrating Your Unique Soul Essence with Gentleness, Grace, Sensitivity & Compassion

“Forrest understands what he sees and has an uncanny ability to take and parlay it into deep healing and powerful spiritual expansion.” – Pam A – CO

Your Sacred Soul Space

A safe, sacred Soul space is created and set up during your session that supports you fully in releasing all that is unlike your Soul essence.  Instead of removing layer by layer from the outside, we journey within to the space that holds your already existing wholeness, completeness and perfection.  By proceeding from this inner place of light, balance and harmony, Forrest is able to readily see what is blocking or limiting your Soul expression.  He is then able to assist you in activating what is most supportive in attuning to, following and actualizing your true or Soul’s expression, path and purpose.

What’s Included in the

To assist in bringing forth your hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations, the following will often be part of the SOUL SOURCE Healing Energetics process.

  • Clearing the Aura and its Subtle Bodies
  • Clearing, Balancing and Stabilizing the Chakras, or Energy Centers
  • LIGHT LANGUAGE Activations
  • Addressing and Resolving:
    • Early Life Experiences
    • Family Programming
    • Past Life Events
    • Soul Agreements
    • Contracts
    • Psychic Cords
    • Entities
    • Cellular Memories
    • Soul Retrieval
    • Karmic Patterns
  • Other Personal Factors

Three Phases of the

1. Identifying and Loosening
2. Letting Go and Clearing
3. Integrating and Stabilizing

Living a More Natural,
Healthful and Fulfilling Life

The SOUL SOURCE process recognizes that each and every personRedwood Mandala has a unique vibration, frequency or Soul “signature.”  This sound comes from the source of our Divine connection and is anchored in our body.  When you become attuned to or in resonance with your SOUL “note”, you are literally in harmony with yourself and all of your surroundings, resonating within the universal harmony of all creation. With this conscious connection, self and universal knowledge, wisdom and love become much more accessible. Within this space there is a sense of peace and power and a greater capacity to “listen and to know,” to more deeply perceive or sense what is right for you on your SOUL path and in living your SOUL purpose. The SOUL SOURCE process can greatly assist an individual in attuning to their unique Soul frequency signature and allowing for a more natural, healthful and fulfilling life.

Energy, Creation and Soul Alignment/Attunement

Everything that is created in your physical world must first exist or be created in the world of energy around you. This includes the physical body with its pleasures and joys, its aches and pains, as well as how people and situations appear in your life and affect you. Every experience, whether fearful or spiritually enlightening, is based on energy.

Soul alignment/attunement is discovering the wisdom and strength of your True Self, your HighShasta SOUL SOURCEer Self or Soul Self —your very essence, the source of your power, joy, self-acceptance, and greatest fulfillment. Guided by your own Soul and Heart, SOUL SOURCE facilitates a pathway into the realm of your Soul and in this space anything unlike your Soul essence begins to easily and readily dissolve.  It is like going to drink from a fresh, clear and sparkling spring high on a mountain sourced above any contamination or impurity. Our Soul also has available a similar source of purity and clarity and holds the remembrance of this state from the time of creation and yearns to return to it. SOUL SOURCE offers the opportunity for you to move more deeply into this state of purity, clarity and love, which heals all things.