What people say about their experience with SOUL SOURCE:

“Your sessions have brought so much information and healing into my life, empowering me to move beyond my limitations.  I am deeply grateful for the knowledge, skill, and sensitivity you have used to help me expand emotionally, spiritually, and physically beyond the constraints that weighed me down and blocked my advancement.  What a powerful and amazing gift of healing you have! Your strong connection to nature and the earth brings an affirming and comforting groundedness to your sessions, which I sincerely appreciate.  THANK YOU!”
R Mills. – Oregon

“Forrest is the “healers’ healer!”  He assists all into new levels of expansion, peace & understanding.  A truly beautiful being, with a very high vibration of empowered love and wisdom.” — Tracey Forest, Director Spirit Hollow, VT

“Thank you for walking with me, through areas where I was most stuck, with such patience and compassion.  The realness and clarity that you provided made for several much needed ‘a-ha’ moments. During the call I could feel myself ‘shifting’ and as this work integrates, the shifts/growth continues. What a gift you are. I am so grateful to be able to work with you.”
Lisa – Broadcasting Corporate Manager – Maine

“I’ve never known a healer who could ‘read’ the energy body so insightfully, or alter its patterns so profoundly. The most striking example of this occurred last spring, when Forrest saved the life of my very ill dog. Later, he visited me in California and in less than a week ended up doing sessions with 17 people — friends, then friends of friends, as recommendations spread like wildfire.  Other healers I’ve known just tweak around the margins; Forrest kindly, compassionately sparks revolution at the core.”
NdC – St. Helena Island, SC

“Thank you for an amazing and wonderful session last Monday.  You are truly a gifted angel who reminds (and re-minds) those of us whom have had the joy of working with you, that we also have wings.  Many Blessings.” Lisa V – Travel Agent/Astrologer – Vermont

“After your office/business clearing operations have smoothed out, particularly personnel issues, and business is expanding.  We were able to finally close what was, prior to your work, a troublesome revolving door on a key position.  This position has now been filled with the arrival of a most reliable and qualified person, who has been working out extremely well.” MPM – Accounting Firm CEO

“This is the first time in eight years I haven’t experienced this severe, reoccurring menstrual pain and discomfort.  I am very grateful.  Thank you so much.”  MH – 22 Year Old – California

“After my session with Mr. Green I felt very relaxed and rejuvenated. He has a rare gift of insight into a person’s mind, body and soul.”  VLM – 88 Year Old Elder

“Just wanted to thank you for creating such a special ceremony for the three of us on our land. We really feel like we belong now.”  We’ve now named the tree spirit by the brook “Oliver Snoogle,” so now instead of just taking a walk to the stream, we’ll “go to talk to Oliver” or maybe just go “snoogling.”
M, J & E – re: Energy clearing on new land and home site

“The healing I received from Forrest was truly pivotal for me.  I had just returned from a very intense spiritual training, during which many issues came up for me to resolve.  Forrest was able to clairvoyantly identify certain patterns and blocks in my energy field that had surfaced for the purpose of healing.  He proceeded to guide me through a co-creative process during which these blocks could be released.  By the end of the session, an enormous weight had been lifted from me, replaced with a profound sense of well-being, centeredness and trust in the Divine process.  I felt as though I could allow the new information from my initiatory training to come through me more clearly and gracefully. This was one of the most empowering healing sessions I’ve received, and would recommend it to anyone who is negotiating powerful initiations of transformation and growth.”
Jennifer Gehl, Certified Acutonics Practitioner and Teacher – Sound Works Center for Harmonic Medicine

“Your music is fabulous and magical!  It supports me into depths of reawakening, remembering and reconnecting with my inner spaciousness and being.  I am then able to easily bring this into expression.  It is truly a gift.”
Meg M – Performer/Community Organizer

“A loving, compassionate and generous man, Forrest Green gracefully integrates high traditional education with deep metaphysical healing.  With great clarity, he views past lives, the journeys of the soul, spiritual guides.  What’s more, he understands what he sees and has an uncanny ability to take it and parlay it into deep healing and powerful spiritual expansion.”  In my experience Forrest is unparalleled in his ability to promote emotional healing and spiritual growth.  Through the considerable power of his intention and the transmission of exquisite healing energies, he has transformed depression into acceptance, acceptance into peace, peacefulness into bliss.  Through my work with Forrest, I have discovered unimaginable depths of my being.  He has opened doors into my soul, which I had not even acknowledged were there. I have consistently worked with Forrest for several years now.  We have explored the majesty of being with no hint of grandiosity.  We have explored the depths of despair with never one iota of judgment.  His compassion, understanding and equanimity are wondrous gifts to my heart and soul.”
Pamela Arwine, Holistic Therapist, Colorado City, Colorado